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Believe it or not, we care about your Watch History.  Those YouTube videos you're binging on a study break in the library are good for you.  So are those #GYMTOK threads you get sucked into from your For You Page.  In fact, we think they're so formative in shaping the way you see and understand social-emotional  interaction, we want you to share them with us.  And we've created THE IMPACTER FELLOWSHIP as a way for those who are interested to transform their Watch Histories into curriculum.

Create Learning Moments From Popular Culture

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Do You See What I See?

Did you smile while you watched these students’ reactions to being told they are beautiful? Some of them seem like they don’t believe the videographer, Giving unexpected compliments is one of many ways to build positive relationships. This ability is part of having strong RELATIONSHIP SKILLS which will serve you socially and professionally throughout your life.
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What's In A Name?

Your identity matters. Everything about you, even your name, is a cumulative expression of your origin, your family, and your experience. Knowing who you are is a key step in knowing who you want to be and where you want to go in life. IDENTITY drives leadership because strong leaders place their origins at the forefront of their goals, projects, and interactions. 

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