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The SAT Is Gone...
Here's What Replaced It

Colleges like Harvard and the UC's now deemphasize personal achievement and focus on soft skills like Compassion, Grit, Gratitude, and Self-Awareness
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A Course For IUSD 6th-10th Graders
To Grow Their Purpose And Perspective
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Rooted In Research

Backed By Harvard

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In 2020, nearly 400 colleges pledged to adopt a soft-skills approach and ditch achievement-based admissions criteria like the SAT. 

Here's How It Works

Students learn about a range of research-backed Leadership Frameworks through a series of exercises and content experiences designed in the language of today's teenager.

These lessons leverage the latest teaching innovations and allow students to not only write/type-in their responses, but video and voice record various submissions.  
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Students Find Their Voice

Through reflection activities, students create an inventory of strengths and growth areas to increase their overall self-awareness.

By using natural spoken language, as well as written responses, learners develop synaptic brain connections otherwise not possible.
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Parents Get Real Feedback 

With regular Progress Reports that include data-driven metrics about your child's growth and progress in relation to peers their age, parents can leverage powerful insights to build upon a student's leadership development and target their language, conversation starters, and range of experiential activities to support students where they need it most.

Say goodbye to one-word answers to questions like, "How was your day?" and "What did you learn in school?"  With a framework built around Curiosity, Perspective-Taking, Purpose, Self-Control, Grit, Growth Mindset, Compassion, and Gratitude, you and your student will be equipped with language to make connections across different domains of soft skills and demonstrate new competencies in areas that may have been underutilized in the past.  Such as:
  • The ability to get along with different types of people and peer groups.
  • Perseverance over longer periods of time and more cognitively rigorous tasks.
  • A greater appreciation for diversity and the strengths of others.
  • A developed ability to assume responsibility for one's actions.
  • Increased comfortability in new situations. 
  • Decreased shyness.
  • Better decision-making and greater ownership of missteps.
  • Deeper respect for the opinions and perspectives of others.
  • A more active role in learning and personal growth.
  • A greater sense of calm when faced with a challenge.

Get Real Feedback From Coaches
During In-Person Lessons

Learn from high-quality instructors certified and trained in the science of making an impact.

Work At Your Own Pace

Enjoy the flexibility of asynchronous coursework if needed.

Develop Your Soft Skills

Work on the suite of non-cognitive skills Harvard recognizes as essential.

Practice New Habits

Add routines to your daily schedule to maximize your personal goals.

Learn In Small Cohorts

Participate in groups of grade-level students to calibrate your learning.

Receive Timely Feedback

Gain powerful insights from certificated coaches based on data.

Collaborate With Others

Teambuild in real-world settings and learn to bring out the best in yourself.

Take Your Leadership To The Next Level
 And Start Making An IMPACT!