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Question: What Is NOT Your Name?
Directions: Below, you have two choices for your Video Answer. Please pick just one. And don’t feel the need to answer every question in your response, simply use them as a guide to respond.

Option 1: What are all the ways that your name has been mispronounced over the years? What is your personal practice in these moments? Do you correct people immediately? Do you spell your name right after you say it? Do you ignore it and just let others mispronounce it?

Option 2: If your name isn't mispronounced that much, think about this from others' perspectives and share your thoughts. What do you do to ensure you don't mispronounce someone's name? Do you ask them to repeat it? Do you ask them to spell it? Do you try to copy their pronunciation? How do you think it makes people feel when their name is mispronounced?